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Style of the Week #4: Liana Skirt

Posted by Theia Grazi on

The Liana Skirt is one of our most popular items.  The diagonal stripes slim you down and make you instantly taller.  No need for those 4-inch heels.  Give your poor tootsies a rest.   


This most-coveted skirt is made of super soft cotton blend so you’ll be able to leap, skip, and twirl through a meadow of flowers, comfortably, of course.  And you can even do it gracefully—like a gazelle—thanks to the Liana Skirt’s beautiful flares. 


The silk chiffon trim at the hem of the skirt balances out the stripes by giving it that slight feminine touch.  Thus, you can still pair it with girly tops without looking too done up.  On the other hand, you can also wear it with racerbank tanks or Toms without looking too sporty.    


Look #1: "Pretty Preppy"

This look can definitely work for the office if your workplace isn’t too rigid about its dress code. 

If not, there’s always casual Friday.  Nothing casual about it though. 

Everyone will be asking where you’re heading to after work and if they can tag along. 



Look #2: "Dude, Looks Like A Lady"


High tea with the mother-in-law? 

Yikes. Always better to play it safe and throw on those slingbacks,

a pearl-like necklace, and vintage cardi. Hey, as long as you look the part. 

When it’s all over, just throw off that cardi and

meet your girlfriends for that much-needed drink, or drinks.  


Look #3: "Boho Babe"

Festivals, outdoor concerts, carnivals, movies at the park,
and other happenings abound this time of year. The Liana skirt is perfect for such events. 

These stripes go with everything, especially printed tops (just stay within the same color family, please). 

You’ll be the hippest-looking one there!   



**You can purchase our Liana Skirt on our website, Click here


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