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Style of the Week #5: Buisson Vest

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Remember Linus from Peanuts, who always carried a blue blanket wherever he went?  He loved his blue blanket and was impervious to what Lucy or anyone else said about it.  To him, his blue blanket was both a comfort and a shield.  He felt secure and carefree, like he could conquer the world.  


Our Buisson Vest is kinda like that.     


You’ll suddenly have the stones that you never thought you had.  That lacy, strappy tank too risqué?  Nuh-uh.  Just wear it under the Buisson Vest. 


Bloated?  Muffin top emerging from every loose and dark t-shirt you could find?  You can’t even tell because you’re throwing the Buisson Vest over it! 


Whether belted or left open, the Buisson Vest adds that little edginess to any outfit— must be the bitchin’ leather trim—making you feel like the bad-ass you are. 


Like Linus, take this vest everywhere! Wear it with everything.  Hell, wear it every day.  Remember, you’re a rebel now.


Now, where’d you park your Harley?    

“Fashionably Late” Look

Theia Grazi Blog - Buisson Vest 1 

Late?  Oh, you didn’t even notice.  There’s no such thing when your outfit is killer.


"Jane Dean" Look

Theia Grazi Blog - Buisson Vest 2

You don’t do skirts, but when you do you pair them with your favorite motorcycle boots.  James Dean approves. 


“Eff it, I’m a girl” 

Theia Grazi Blog - Buisson Vest 3

Sometimes it just happens.   You wanna wear cork wedges with a floral cutout top. 

Luckily, our trusty vest stops you from invading “princess-y, frou frou girl” territory.    


“Fear the Sneer” 

Theia Grazi Blog - Buisson Vest 4

Any outfit with cowboy boots wouldn’t be complete without this super-cool vest. 

All you need now is to perfect that “hard, pensive, I don’t give a damn” expression. 

Practice in the mirror first, though. 



**You can purchase our Buisson Vest on our website, Click here


Come back next week for our next set of looks and remember to follow us on Instagram (@theiagrazi)!

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