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Style of the Week #6: Fleuve Top

Posted by Theia Grazi on

Our Fleuve top is so fun! 

The front is your basic shell, which is so easy to wear and flattering on just about everyone.  But the back of the top really brings the wow factor. The beautiful draping from the cowl is ultra feminine and alluring.  The back is covered to keep it tasteful and appropriate for daytime.  Also, the top is comfortable and easy to wear because you don’t have to worry about showing something that you don’t want seen.  The playful stripes are just the icing on the cake.

Besides having that cute little back cowl with stripes peeking through, the Fleuve Top comes in this amazing mint color, which goes with everything.  And, I mean everything!  Essentially, just consider it one of your go-to tops.   It is also available in navy and black for those of you that aren’t so keen on green.

We know what you’re thinking, “A green top can’t act as a neutral.  It’s green.  How is it going to match with _________” (insert favorite bottoms).  Scroll down, my friend.  

Once you wear our top, all the other tops in your closet will be green with envy.  

"Mellow Yellow" Look

This beautiful shade of green looks amazing with this bright yellow knit skirt.  


"Minty Fresh" Look

Pile on the green because you can!  Just not the bottoms, please.  


"Circles & Stripes" Look

If you love stripes just as much as we do, add striped shorts!

You already know that it looks awesome with green.  


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