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Style of the Week #7: Fente Top

Posted by Theia Grazi on

Our Fente Top has a Parisian feel that will have you throwing on a beret and replying “oui, oui” to everything.   Suddenly, you’re a chic Frenchwoman riding your bike through town with a baguette in your basket without a care in the world.

Stripes are so easy to wear and very classic, but our Fente Top features an asymmetrical neckline and chiffon trim on the sleeves that make it truly stand out.


"Peachy Keen" Look

 How adorable is this outfit? Not too adorable in that “gag me with a spoon” way

thanks to our Fente Top! Our top has an amazing way of balancing out all the pinky peach,

cute-sy pattern of the skirt, anddelightful polka dots by telling everyone,

“Yeah, I’m sweet as a peach! But don’t mess with me!”


"Workin' It" Look 

Looking good is a full-time job and it’s even more work when you actually

have that other full-time job (that pays the bills). So why not make it easier on yourself

by making your clothes work for you? Throw on the Fente Top with high-waisted slacks,

white belt, and drape-y leather jacket. You’ll be struttin’ your stuff” morning, noon, and night.

I see a promotion and that hot guy’s number on the horizon.


“Too cool. It’s Cold.” Look

TG-Fente Top 3

When you’re not workin’ it and just out and about, do not get lazy!

Remember? Looking good is a full-time job. You never know who you might run into:

your ex, your cute co-worker, or someone from high school.

It always helps to be prepared. That’s where the Fente Top comes in.

Wear it with skinnies, pointy heels, and a brown leather belt for that effortless cool.

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