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Style of the Week #11: Catherine Wrap Dress

Posted by Theia Grazi on

Style of the Week #11:
The Catherine Wrap Dress

Welcome to Theia's Style Tips! Here at Theia Grazi Clothing Co. we think our line of clothing is versatile and perfect for every day wear. But we understand that sometimes you may not know how to style our Verona Skirt or the Catherine Wrap Dress once you get them home. Today we are your personal stylist, and we will show you how to style our pieces for three different looks; Casual, Work Flow, and Date Night.


The Casual Look

For this we did something really different with the Catherine Wrap dress. We made it into a skirt! Now, no need to worry about “How am I going to do that myself” because it is quite easy. Since this dress is literally a Wrap Dress, all we did was fold the top bodice of the dress into the waist and then, ta-da! It's a wrap skirt! We paired our new wrap skirt with a simple cotton, button-up top. The necklace worn with this look is perfect because it has the same color scheme. This look is great for running errands, taking a walk to the park, or just living your on-the-go lifestyle.

The Work Flow Look

Our studio is located near all the top tech companies such as Google, Apple, and Linkedin. So we understand that you need some pieces that will make you look like a #GIRLBOSS and stay comfortable at the same time. This time the Catherine wrap dress is worn as a normal wrap dress. To complete this “Work Appropriate” look, add a blazer, simple jewelry, and some neutral tone, closed toed heels. Rule of thumb; blazers always make you look 5 times more professional.

The Date Night Look

Since the Catherine Wrap dress is casual to begin with, adding any nude pumps will really elevate this look. To keep this look fun and flirty, add a lightweight scarf that will act as a cardigan incase it gets cold at night. Perfect for a nice dinner in the city, or to catch up over drinks with the girls.



We hope you enjoy our new styling segment and let us know what other pieces from our collection you would like to be seen styled in 3 different ways. 

For more style tips check out our Instagram: @theiagrazi

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