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Style of The Week #12: Kawa Mesh Tank and Verona Skirt

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Style of the Week #12:

Kawa Mesh Tank and Verona Skirt

    TG Kawa Mesh Tank and Verona Skirt

Today we are going to go more in-depth with our Kawa Mesh Tank top and the Verona Skirt and how to style this particular look.

Summertime is all about bright colors and we love this bright coral color! We combined this brightly colored top with our Verona Skirt in dark grey. This helps balance out the vibrant color of the top and transforms it into a wearable outfit. Plus who doesn't love a skirt with pockets? To finish the look, we paired it with some summer sandals and a fun, white necklace to make the top pop!

This look can be worn to run errands, take a walk in the park, or to pick up the kids from a play date.
It's also great for a nice Sunday brunch with friends.

Want a more casual look or just not into skirts that much?
Wear our Kawa Mesh (also available in other colors) with a pair of jeans and flip flops. 

We hope you enjoyed our blog piece on Theia’s Style Tips!
We would love to see how you style your Theia Grazi pieces. 
Please share them with us at and we will post them here and on social media.  

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