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Style of the Week #17: Leonardo Pants, Juliet Top and Floral Jacket

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Style of the Week #17:

Leonardo Pants, Juliet Tank Top, and Floral Jacket

TG Flat Lay-work outfit

Hello again and welcome back to Theia’s Style Tips!

Today’s flat lay outfit idea is great for the work space. Our Leonardo Pants are a staple for a professional sleek look. Plus, they are more comfortable then the traditional slacks. Our Juliet tank with our signature striped pattern, can easily be worn in the office, out to a nice dinner, or thrown with a pair of jeans for a casual look.  We love the idea of mixing prints together, so to make this outfit a bit more quirky we added our Floral Jacket with leather piping. This jacket is perfect for the Fall/Winter season coming up!

We hope you enjoyed our blog piece on Theia’s Style Tips!

Check back next week for a new style tip from Theia.


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